September 20, 2012

Lovely Letters: a swap!

I have an awesome surprise to share with you all, my lovely readers! I've put together another swap for you all! Lovely Letters. Lovely letters is a swap where you exchange snail mail with a pen pal we assign you. It's going to be a blast and even better because I'm co-hosting it with my friend Shell!

We'd love for you to take part in the exchange! If you're interested, this is how it will work:
  1. You need to commit to sending 4 letters over an 8 week period. We will assign partners and you will share letters back and forth for the duration of the project. Only sign up if you can commit to sending the 4 letters, nobody wants to miss out on receiving some lovely letters!
  2. Each fortnight we will post a new project which will tell you the theme of that fortnight's exchange.
  3. At the end of the letter exchange, you have the option to take part in a package exchange too, just in time for Christmas! This part is optional, but so much fun!
  4. The exchange is open internationally, we will try to pair you with someone in your area to keep postage costs to an absolute minimum for you.
How do I sign up?! Well... it's simple! Just fill in (and submit) this form. (Filling in the form is the only way we can accept your application) The form also has a section that allows you to enter a few words about yourself to ensure you are paired with someone who shares similar interests to you. The deadline for signing up is Thursday 27th September. We will allocate your partners via email over the next few days and launch the Lovely Letters on Tuesday 1st October with your first task.
At the end of Lovely Letters (probably at the same time as the final task), you can take part in an optional package exchange too. The package exchange is a chance for you to put together a special gift for someone (who will be allocated separate to your letter exchange partner) and receive one in return. The value of your package should be $20-$30 including packaging. Please express your interest in participating in the package exchange on the sign up form.
If you are participating in Lovely Letters, place a button on the sidebar of your blog. The large image is 300x125 and the small image is 125x125. You can resize the image to fit your sidebar by adjusting the width and height values in the code below after you copy it to your site. Just make sure you keep the proportions even :)

Large Button

Small Button

Spread the word to everyone you know! It would be awesome to have a lot of participants to spread the  lovely letters, and make lots of new friends! :)


  1. what a great idea! definitely signing up now :)

    - Gia

  2. This is so cute. I love the idea. :) I'd totally do it except i dont think my parents approve of me writing to people i dont know. If it were up to me, id totally do it though. i love that idea. <3

  3. I love this idea! I'm definitely signing up!

  4. I really want to sign up for this but the link won't let me. Is there any other way to do it


  5. Just signed up - it's still Thursday 27th over here in Sweden, so I hope I'm not too late. I was so glad to stumble over this, I've been thinking all day about asking some blogging friends to do something similar together with me. This is even better! Very excited! :-)

  6. Can I still sign up? I just found this today!! (The 28th)


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